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Linx is an internationally-renowned supplier of a range of coding and marking solutions including Continuous Ink Jet, Laser Marking, Case Coding
and Thermal Transfer printers.


Since 1987, their industry-leading technologies have helped organisations across the world increase their productivity while significantly reducing total cost of ownership. The versatile coding and marking products and services are an integral part of thousands of production lines for a wide range of worldwide industries – including food and beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, automotive, cabling and electronics - delivering product marking and more.

LINX think globally and act locally. By sourcing the very best distributors in individual markets, like ALRAD, they continue to develop and supply outstanding coding and marking products to their customers, while simultaneously providing exceptional knowledge and support ‘on-the-ground’. Their philosophy is one of continuous improvement, a belief that the best can always be made better.

Linx is pleased to have further expanded their product offering to include the Linx 10 Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) printer. 

The Linx 10 is a small, easy to use printer, ideal if you are considering moving from a manual to an automated process, from an alternative technology or simply just looking for a new supplier. 

PROTECTION Prints high quality date, batch/lot codes to support your brand with compliance and traceability 

QUALITY Designed to provide the highest reliability and consistency, minimising product waste and mitigating the risk of product recall 

PRODUCTIVITY Easy to use, quick to set up and move between lines, for manufacturing flexibility and increased uptime. 

For more information call 01635 30345 


Alrad Instruments Ltd,
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Phone: 01635 30345

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